Skin Whiteing

About Skin Whiteing

Skin whitening treatment that is also known as fairness, lightning, and polishing treatment is usually associated with attaining fair skin using various methods like laser, peels, lotions, injections, and medications as per the requirement. Often, your skin might turn dark due to several factors like exposure to the sun, lifestyle habits like smoking, hormonal changes, and so on. So whatever may be the cause, skin whitening treatment at LUXURIA offers a different approach providing desired results.

Treatment Available For Skin Whiteing

We’re offering an array of treatment options that suits any skin type without any concern or second thought, making the procedure safe and satisfactory in nature. At luxuria we consults and understands the patient’s skin type before suggesting any treatment.

Some of the treatment includes:

  • Full-body skin peeling treatment
  • Full-body Helios laser treatment
  • Glutathione injections
  • Oral Glutathione tablets
  • Skin brightening lotions
  • Hydra facial treatment

What are gluthathione inj

Glutathione injections are very popular in the facial rejuvenation market where these injections are available as 600 mg to 5 grams dose, leaving aside the standard dose calculation. A doctor usually prescribes the appropriate amount of dose required after analyzing one’s skin condition.

how long does the treatment last?

Maintaining transparency, our doctor clearly states that the result varies from person to person which is the reason that it is not possible to mention an exact duration.

Other treatment option available for skin brighteing?

There are several treatment options like peeling and laser therapy that can be suggested to the patients depending upon their skin condition. However, in most cases, doctors usually offer a combination therapy that is for hyperpigmentation and tanned skin. A majority of the time, peeling and laser treatment are combined to offer an effective skin brightening result.

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