Smile Enhancement

About Smile Enhancement


Are your dark lips affecting your personality and aura up to a great extent? If so, then get in touch with Luxuria today for the best treatment. We will guide you effectively towards lightening the colour of your lips, making them look more luscious and attractive simultaneously. Luxuria is an advanced clinic that is offering lip lightening treatments like chemical peels and laser treatment for treating lip lightening.


Some of the major and common causes behind lip darkening include:

  • Melanin pigment: The number of melanocytes is same in all ethical groups. It’s the melanin production that can be responsible for the de-coloration of your lips.
  • Vascular conditions: Situations like central cyanosis and port-wine stain are few other examples behind the occurrence of lip darkening. In simpler terms, central cyanosis means a decrease in oxygen level whereas port-wine stain denotes birthmarks.
  • Medicines: This can be caused due to the drugs inducing pigmentation.
  • Smoking & Ageing
  • Various diseases like lentigines and lichen plan us.
  • Allergic Reaction: Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The Procedure

A chemical peel is a skin treatment that is used to improve and iron out the surface of the skin, particularly lips. A chemical solution is applied to the face to peel off the top sheets of skin. This unveils smoother, improved new skin growth. Also, our laser treatment for lip whitening makes sure to exfoliate your lips’ skin more efficiently.

Some of the treatments available at LUXURIA are:

  • Treat the Cause
  • Creams
  • Peels Treatment
  • Laser Treatment


Full lips are quite alluring! Isn’t it? Attain fullers, gorgeous lips with lip enhancement techniques!

Enhance the beauty of your lips with dermal fillers administered by cosmetologist at luxuria clinic

Lips are an important part of our facial beauty. For many people fuller & lustrous lips comes high or their wish list. This can we are created using material naturally found in the body A simple, safe, temporary derived filler treatment can add volume and definition, which can enhance small &thin lips.


The smile is one of the most defining characteristics on a person’s face, but when it displays features that are considered unappealing; the smile can cause many social hindrances.

Gummy smile is when someone smile, their upper lips elevates far above their upper teeth, exposing the gums. This can happen due to hyperactive muscles elevating the upper lip.

Fortunately, gummy smile can be simply &effectively corrected but botulinum toxin injection, to reduce the activity of the muscle that elevate the upper lip.

Treating Your Gummy Smile at LUXURIA

A gummy smile is related specifically to muscles in the face that are contracting more intensely than what is necessary. BOTOX essentially soothes the muscles so that the muscles no longer tighten as much. If you are curious about whether BOTOX can treat your gummy smile, a complimentary consultation at LUXURIA may be able to help you pinpoint your aesthetic goals.

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